Alma Svatos remembers World War II from the perspective of a woman living in England. She describes the Women’s Land Army of Britain, how she met her future husband, and her journey across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary War Bride Ship. She recounts her arrival in Halifax, her impressions of her travels from Halifax to Saskatchewan and finally to Mission, as well as her experiences with farming in Saskatchewan, her adjustments to her new life and her opinions about Canadian society.

Title: War Brides Come To Canada
Location:  A1
Topic: War Brides
Interviewer:  Susan Mathieson
Interviee(s): Alma Svatos
Date:  October 25, 2005
Scope: 1 audio tape; transcription, unedited CD
Length:  approx. 42 minutes
Summary: War Brides, Women’s Land Army of Britain, Queen Mary War Bride Ship, arrival in Halifax, farming in Saskatchewan, Mrs. Pemberton, Halifax, Saskatchewan, Mission BC, Dewdney