Genevieve Richards is interviewed about her memories of France during World War II. She describes wartime conditions and family life during the war. She remembers what it was like to attend school, the availability of food and fuel for heating, and the importance of the radio for acquiring the only accessible information. She recalls the role of women in wartime, D-Day, and public figures associated with the war, such as Adolf Hitler, General Leclerc, General Charles de Gaulle.

Title: Remembrance Day Tea
Box: A
File: 4
Topic: War Stories
Interviewer: Suzanne Mathieson
Interviee(s): Mrs. Genevieve Richards
Date: November 23, 2000
Scope: 1 audio tape; transcription; unedited CD
Length: approx. 26 min.

World War II, D-Day in France, flags, school, heating, meals, radio, family life, women’s history, Hitler, General Leclerc, de Gaulle, France, Germany, Paris