Seven Canadian war veterans are interviewed about their experiences and memories of World War I and World War II. They recall the circumstances under which they joined the armed forces, the conditions under which they served, and how they felt about events on the homefront and abroad. The recall the role of women in wartime at home and in the forces, as well as the changes and continuities between the wars.

Title: Remembrance Day
Box: A
File: 7
Topic: War Stories with the War Veterans
Interviewer: N/A
Interviee(s): Len Richards, Evan Watkins, C. Patterson, H. Keys, John Roper, Pamela Proctor, Zena Buker
Date: November 10, 2000
Scope: 2 audio tapes; 2 CDs
Length: approx. 96 min.

Memories and experiences of WW I and WW II