Five women who left England to become the wives of Canadian soldiers and subsequently immigrated to Canada are interviewed about their experiences. They discuss how they met their future husbands, what they knew about Canada, thier journey to their new home and their first impressions of Canada. The recount the effect that their wartime decisions had on their lives, and how they have adjusted over the years to a new country.

Title: Remembrance Day
Box: A
File: 5
Topic: War Brides Afternoon Tea and Discussion Panel
Interviewer: N/A
Interviee(s): Barbara Ladouceur, Margery Skerry, Joan England, Lou Lathrop, Mary Rockwell
Date: November 13, 1996
Scope: 2 audio tapes; short summary
Length: N/A

War Brides, memories, WW II and effects on the War Brides’ lives