Margaret Findley talks about her days in London during World War II, her departure from her home country, people she met, and her stay in various Canadian cities. Findley settled in Vancouver and recalls post-war family and social life, as well as her role as a war bride and the significance of this time in her life.

Title: Mission’s War Brides
Location:  A2
Topic: War Brides
Interviewer:  Susan Mathieson
Interviee(s): Margaret Findley
Date:  November 3, 2005
Scope: 1 audio tape; transcription, unedited CD
Length:  approx. 45 minutes
Summary: Fire Force Headquarters of London, conscription, departure from England on a Troop Ship (1946), wedding day, transportation conditions to Canada, arrival in Halifax, Winston Churchill election campaign, West Norwood, Margabe and Worthing in England, East Vancouver, West End of Vancouver, Nelson Street in Vancouver, Mission, General Montgomery’s soldiers, Vera Margaret Keable, Sergeant William Royal Findlay of the Royal Canadian Artillery, Miss Joyce Pittlefield and Miss Doris Gidley, Bank of Montreal in London