In 2012 Lifetime Learning contributed to the celebration of Mission’s 120th anniversary festivities by completing a number of commemorative projects. These were showcased at the Clarke Foundation Theatre and Heritage Park Centre, and continue to grow on our website. We invite you to view, interact with and enjoy the following tributes to Mission’s heritage and future.

Download A Community Legacy (18mg)

A Community Legacy – the story of Lifetime Learning’s 25-year contributions to Mission, available for purchase as a booklet, or CD, and for free on the Lifetime Learning website. A Community Legacy tells the story of Lifetime Learning through photographs, selections from our Scrapbook Collection, compiled by Betty Robertson, and highlights of Mission events from the past quarter century.

The People of Mission – a collection of short biographies about people who have lived in Mission, from its early pioneers to the present day. These are available on the Lifetime Learning website under “People of Mission” and is an ongoing project, building on an initial number of biographies that can be added to as we gather information from community members. Help us build the story of Mission throughThe People of Mission biographical database.

The Interactive Lifetime Learning Website – You are looking at and using a brand new interactive website, beautifully designed and updated by Mindstorm New Media. We premiered our website to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Lifetime Learning and 120th anniversary of Mission. Our website includes all our programs and events, past events and activities, the contents of our Oral History Archive, detailed descriptions and photographs, as well as lots of room for comments, communications and feedback.

We invite you to share your stories of Mission, and what Mission means to you. Go to the “Tell Us Your Story” page on our website and start writing.