With Harold Rosen

Let’s explore the process of aging from several perspectives. We experience a sequence of psycho-social developments during our lifespans, including relational, vocational and aspirational challenges. We encounter an intensifying series of care-needs and support-agencies as we grow older. And a distinct set of philosophical and spiritual questions emerges for us, including the meaning and purpose of human life in general, and our own lives in particular. How are all these challenges best understood and addressed? Let’s make use of the theories of Jung, Tornstam, Erikson and Maslow, along with research on healthcare institutions and the aging process, as well as literature on the fulfilling processes of life review and spiritual reflection. Participants can aim for deepened self-awareness and integrity, more astute social perception, inspiration for creative planning and healthier activity, as well as progress toward a legacy of personal wisdom.

Schedule and Content

Session 1 – Introduction to the Life Review Process

Session 2 – Applying the Theories of Jung and Tornstam to Our Lifespans

Session 3 – Applying the Theories of Erikson and Maslow to Our Lifespans

Session 4 – Orienting Ourselves Spiritually to the Long Term Care Continuum

Session 5 – Selecting Relevant Guidance on Aging from the Wisdom Traditions

Session 6 – Discerning the Lessons & Blessings of Our Golden Years

Date: November 7, 2019

Day: Thursday

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Sessions: 6

Fee: $50 Member $60 Non-Member Drop-in $10 Member/$15 Non-Member

Location: 32444 7th Ave. Mission V2V 2B5


Books Relevant to Course Theme                                                                                      

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  • “World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts”, editor, Andrew Wilson,                      Paragon House, New York, 1995
  • “Graceful Endings: Navigating the Journey of Loss & Grief”, Linda Kavelin-Popov, Virtues Project International (www.virtuesproject.com), Middletown, DE, 2012
  • The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully”, Joan Chittister, BlueBridge, Katonah, NY, 2010

About Harold Rosen

Harold Rosen is a community interfaith educator. He teaches and designs courses on world religions, the founders of major faith traditions, interfaith cooperation, ethics and virtues, religions and civilization, comparative prophecies, spirituality and science, evolution in nature, society and religion, Islam and the West, women mystics, and interfaith history.

Rosen has three master’s degrees: one in education, one in religion and one in philosophy. His most recent book is Founders of Faith: The Parallel Lives of God’s Messengers (2010).