With Margaret Evans

Margaret Evans is a resident of Columbia Valley near Chilliwack and active in the agricultural community. She writes weekly for the Chilliwack Progress on global issues that affect the community locally. A visual presentation about the history, nature, and stories about bears.

A BEAR’S WORLD, a multimedia show on the evolution, natural history and conservation of bears. It includes aspects of culture, history, and science.  The talk starts in a cave in southern France where amazing images of bears were painted by Paleolithic people 35,000 years ago. There is also an image of a bear skull mysteriously placed on a boulder. The talk covers bears’ evolution starting 60 million years ago with the ancient miacids that gave rise to the world’s seven carnivore families. Bears first appeared as bear-dogs about 27 million years and the first true bear appeared in sub-tropical Europe 20 million years ago.

Today there are eight species of bears around the world and the talk briefly covers where they live and their conservation status. I talk about bears in Canada and look at issues around people and bears, especially in cases when conflicts arise. I use a short sequence of video to show how easily bears and humans can encounter each other in backcountry, sometimes with dangerous outcomes.

The life of cubs and young bears can be fraught with danger, especially if the mother is injured or killed. When cubs are orphaned, their outcome can be grim. The talk tells the story of two grizzly cubs orphaned in 2001. They were Grinder (found near Invermere) and Coola (captured near Bella Coola). Both bears were just a few months old and were relocated at Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife in North Vancouver where they immediately bonded  and have remained buddies ever since. Today they are ambassadors for all bears and are visited by about 500,000 people every year.

This talk is approximately a hour long with time allowed for questions, stories, and discussion.

You can enjoy a sample of Margret’s video on her website www.earthwaysmedia.com. Click on the Presentations link and scroll down to the viewing screen.

Day: Wednesday

Time: 10 am – 12 noon

Fee:  $7 / $10 non-members

Date: October 30, 2013

Location: 32444 Seventh Avenue, Mission, BC