Andrew Keber’s family lived in Oregon. The young Keber was a baseball fan and even played with the Salem Senators after he completed high school. However, his religious calling was stronger, and he chose to dedicate himself to the contemplative life in the Order of Saint Benedict.

At the age of 45, Reverend Keber arrived at Westminster Abbey in Mission, where he became Guestmaster, greeting visitors on Sundays and showing them the buildings and grounds. He became a well-known figure in Mission, shopping or picking up mail. At the Abbey he taught Latin and Church music, and had a unique interest in Sacred Scripture. He traveled to the Holy Land to take part in special studies.

Rev. Keber was editor of the Pax Regis, the Abbey’s magazine, which he produced twice annually. As well, he wrote a monthly newsletter and was the Abby’s bookkeeper.


Source: Mission City Record, June 18, 1975