James Keeves came to Mission in 1891. He was born in Cartwright, Ontario and married Elizabeth Brough of Keene, Ontario in 1879. The couple raised three daughters and one son. Keeves was employed as a trackman on the Grand Trunk Railway and was a friend of Lindsay Lougheed, the son of British Columbia’s Minister of Lands. Perhaps because of this association, Keeves migrated west with his wife and went to work for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Soon after he arrived in Mission, Keeves became a charter member of the local Masonic Order, Pacific Lodge No. 16, and later also served as school trustee. He remained in his position as section foreman with the CPR for nearly thirty years, retiring in 1921. Keeves was a member of St. Andrews United Church, and was greatly respected by his community for being a man of ”great fortitude” and a pioneer of the district.


Source: Fraser Valley Record, October 22, 1931