Madeline Douglas was born at Pemberton Meadows, and was the daughter of First Nations Chief Williams. Later in life she was known as ‘Old Granny Cole’, which referred to the fact that her daughter Malina was married to Joe Cole, a policeman in Douglas, B.C. Joe Cole had been instrumental in negotiating the sale of the Kitsilano Reserve of the Squamish First Nation in 1913.

Madeline  was married three times, first to a storekeeper named Peroni, then to Chief Douglas, and finally to Chief August, all of Douglas, at the head of Harrison Lake. In 1902 Madeline came to live with her daughter in Mission, and for many years made a living going door to door in Mission to sell her basketwork, for which she was well-known.


Source: Fraser Valley Record, April 2, 1942

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 Comment Posted by Aboriginal Connections

There is some confusion about Madeline Douglas’s name, as is common when Indian names were transcribed by people of European heritage who were not familiar with Indian languages or with various traditions with regard to naming.

Family researchers indicate her name was likely Mary Magdelaine Thevarge, born sometime between 1835 and 1850; one of her three marraiges was to August Douglas. The 1950 Douglas Band membership list indicates “deceased about 1940″.

They had a daughter Melina August Douglas (1870 to 1942), who was married to Joseph Cole (1863 to 1929) and they had 9 children, most of whom grew up around Mission and Deroche. Many of the Cole family are buried at Hatzic Cemetery and the O.M.I. Cemetery. Madeline (or Magdelaine) lived with her daughter and family.

Details of her descendants (some of whom still live in the area) and enquiries about the family ties can be sent to