William Aves was born in London, England, and enlisted in the Royal Marine Light Infantry at Gosport. While completing his service he married and raised a family of nine children. In 1910 he settled in Mission, having served the R.M.L.I. for 21 years and then eight more years in the Reserves.

When war broke out in Europe in 1914, Aves enlisted even though he was well past the age limit, and to his great disappointment was able to go only as far as Camp Valcartier, where he was turned away because of his age. In Mission, Aves worked on the Mission-Matsqui ferry until 1920, when he suffered an injury that prevented him from returning to his job. Aves was an active member if two Canadian Legion lodges, and proud of the military activities of his sons, three of whom were killed in action in World War I.


Source: Fraser Valley Record, October 23, 1930