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The People of Mission

 a collection of short biographies about people who have lived in Mission, from its early pioneers to the present day. This will be available on the Lifetime Learning website and is an ongoing project, building on an initial number of biographies that can be added to as we gather information from community members.

Help us build the story of Mission through ThePeople of Mission biographical database.

Dandy, Betty (1919 – 2005)

Betty Dandy is co-author of Mission’s Living Memorials, published in 1992, with Betty Robertson and Catherine Marcellus; a history of the first Mission Memorial Hospital and stories of early health care, doctors and nurses provide [...]

Keber, Reverend Andrew (1910-1975)

Andrew Keber’s family lived in Oregon. The young Keber was a baseball fan and even played with the Salem Senators after he completed high school. However, his religious calling was stronger, and he chose to [...]

Whistler, John William, (1897-1928)

John Whistler was born in Penbrokeshire, Wales and emigrated to Mission in 1905 with his parents, sister and brother. He attended public school and high school in Mission and then took classes at University of [...]

Aves, William Edward (1862-1930)

William Aves was born in London, England, and enlisted in the Royal Marine Light Infantry at Gosport. While completing his service he married and raised a family of nine children. In 1910 he settled in [...]

Kandal, Reverend Knut Olson (1885-1955)

Knut Kandal was pastor of Gushen Lutheran Church in Matsqui from 1945-1955. Kandal was born in Breim, Nordfjord, Norway, and emigrated to the U.S. at the age of 19. Ordained in 1913, Rev. Kandal came [...]

Douglas, Madeline August (c. 1850?-1942)

Madeline Douglas was born at Pemberton Meadows, and was the daughter of First Nations Chief Williams. Later in life she was known as ‘Old Granny Cole’, which referred to the fact that her daughter Malina [...]

Vosburgh, John George (1867-1940)

As Mission’s chief constable for a number of years, John Vosburgh was a well-respected member of his community. He was born in Beamsville, Ontario, and served as Company Quartermaster at Camp Sarcee in Calgary for two years [...]

Byrnell, Georgina (1919-1963)

Georgina ‘Georgie’ Thompson was born at Stave Falls, and attended school in Mission. After her marriage to Gordon Byrnell, who worked in the BC Electric powerhouse, the couple moved to Ruskin. Georgina worked for the [...]

Augustine, Emmy Margrete (1894-1930)

Emmy Margrete was born in Sweden and came to Canada at the age of eighteen. She settled in New Westminster, and in 1914 married H. A. Augustine, with whom she had eleven children. The Augustines [...]

Tupper, Hanna (1849-1942)

Originally from Hull, England Hanna came to Canada at the age of three. She lived in Greenville, Ontario until the age of 35, then moved to Vancouver with five children and her husband, James Henry [...]

Rose, Mark Casmir (1896-1970)

Courtesy of Mission Record Mark Casmir Rose was born in Prince Edward Island on March 4, 1896. He moved to British Columbia with his family at the age of nine. He lived in [...]

McCallum, Clarence Wilson (1893-1956)

Clarence McCallum was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., and came to Abbotsford with his family when he was a teenager. At 16 he began working for Allison’s Hardware in Abbotsford, and when Allison’s moved to [...]

Slack, Mary Ann (1848-1931)

In 1898, Mary Ann Slack, together with her husband and seven children, arrived in the Mission district and settled on a homestead in Hatzic. Three years later, Mr. Slack died, leaving Mary Ann to raise [...]

Solloway, Lucetta Jeanette (1865-1929)

Lucetta Jeanette Seaver was born in Nelson, New Hampshire, U.S., in 1865. When she was 28 she arrived at the site that would be Mission City with her only child, a daughter, and her husband, [...]

Lampard, J.A. (1862-1930)

J.A. Lampard was born in Farley, England, in 1862. He and his wife raised three sons and three daughters, and at the age of forty, Lampard emigrated with his family to Canada. The Lampards lived [...]

Cosens, Elsie May (1910-1930)

Elsie May Yeoman was the only daughter of Thomas Yeoman and his wife. The Yeomans also had seven sons. Elsie was born in Deroche, in the Mission district, in 1910, and married Neil Cosens shortly [...]

Cade, John B. (1847-1930)

John Cade was a high-regarded Missionite, who served a number of terms as Reeve, and also as school trustee. He came to Mission from Addington County, Ontario in 1890, leaving behind his two brothers and [...]

Plumridge, James (1861-1949)

The son of a shoemaker, James Plumridge was born in the village of Lane End, Buckinghamshire, England, in 1861. He attended school for just a few years and soon entered the working world. At 21, [...]

Casselman, Marguerite McKay (d.1963)

Marguerite McKay Casselman was a beloved teacher with Mission School District No. 75 for 30 years. She began her career in 1922, when the school occupied temporary quarters in the Agricultural Building on the Fair [...]

Fawcett, Julie (1912 – 1995)

Julie Fawcett, the third of four children in her family, was born in South Slocan, near Nelson, B.C in the West Kootenays.  When she was 9, Julie and her family went to live in Nelson, [...]

Humes, Dr. H. Gordon (1924-1984)

By the time he was barely out of his teens, Gordon Humes was serving with the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, and was posted to convoy duty in the North Atlantic during World War II. [...]

Keeves, James (1850-1931)

James Keeves came to Mission in 1891. He was born in Cartwright, Ontario and married Elizabeth Brough of Keene, Ontario in 1879. The couple raised three daughters and one son. Keeves was employed as a [...]

Noble, Edward Raymond (1916-2011)

Ed Noble was born in London, England to parents Frank and Lillian Noble. Ed had five brothers and sisters. In 1920 the Noble family emigrated to North Burnaby, where Ed trained as a teacher at [...]

Ogle, Ethel (d. 1979)

Ethel Ogle lived in Mission since the beginning of the 20th century, and served as the municipality’s first woman mayor from 1960-1966. She also held the position of alderman, was made a Freeman of Mission [...]

Pepper, Elizabeth (1929-2009)

Elizabeth Craig Simpson was born in Pasadena, California on December 1, 1929 and was the youngest of six siblings. Her mother died when Elizabeth was six, and the little girl came to live with her [...]

Sands, Lang (1903-1970)

At the age of 18, Lang Sands began his career as a newspaper reporter in Chilliwack for the "British Columbian". Soon after he went to work for the "Chilliwack Progress", which was owned by Senator [...]

Turncliff, Bertha (b. 1886)

Bertha Sager was born in Dunganon, County Hastings, Ontario and was the youngest of five children. In 1902 she married the son of a neighbouring family, Albert Turncliff, living in Dunganon two years after their [...]