Catherine Marcellus remembers the early days of Art Theatre in Mission. She recounts the history of the theatre, and describes some of the plays that were performed. She also discusses some of the dificulties associated with resistance from the local Methodist Church as well as the local Anglican Church. She recalls the creation of local drama groups in general and some of the community members who were involved in staging the plays.

Title: Mission History – Theatre
Box: H
File: 5
Topic: Art Theatre in Mission
Interviewer: N/A
Interviee(s): Catherine Marcellus
Date: May 16, 2000
Scope: 1 audio tape
Length: N/A
Summary: Interviewee discusses the history of Art Theatre in Mission. Topics include the history of the theatre, suggestions of other individuals to interview, plays that were performed, difficulties associated with Methodist Church and the Anglican Church, people involved in putting on the plays, creation of drama groups.