Ken and Tok Herar discuss their family’s immigration to Canada. They explain the factors that led to the decision to leave India, how they arranged to immigrate to Canada, the reasons for their desire to come to Canada and why they chose to settle in Mission in particular. They discuss the history of the growth and development of the Sikh community in Mission, the state of the Sikh business community, and such community institutiions as the Gurdwara and school.

Title: Mission History – The Sikh Community
Box: I
File: 9
Topic: The Mission Sikh Community
Interviewer: Susan Mathieson
Interviee(s): Ken Herar, Tok Herar
Date: June 15, 2005
Scope: 1 audio tape
Length: 90 min.
Summary: The interviewees discuss how and why they immigrated to Canada and Mission, business, the Mission Sikh community, temple and school