A number of Mission residents who immigrated to Canada, or who are descendants of immigrants, discuss immigration. They recount which members of their families decided to come to Canada, the reasons why they did so, and when their families arrived in Canada. The also explain why they were attracted to, and wanted to settle in Mission. The conversation introduces  people of various national origins, including Swedish, Russian, Japanese, and Italian.

Title: Mission History – Cultural Groups
Box: I
File: 7
Topic: Immigration and Nationalities
Interviewer: Susan Mathieson
Interviee(s): Ingrid Weaver, Ella Wickstrom, Karen Edward Lee, Pauline Rislov and others
Date: February 16, 1999
Scope: 2 audio tapes
Length: N/A
Summary: The discussion is based on people of different nationalities who lived in Mission, including Swedish, Russian, Japanese, and Italian participants. Participants answer why their families immigrated to Canada and why they chose Mission BC.