A number of Mission residents meet at Carrington House to share their personal Christmas memories and traditions. They discuss the kinds of foods and dishes that were prepared, the preparation of various holiday treats and the kinds of gifts they received and bought or made for giving. Specific events associated with Christmas are described, and specific days on which celebrations occurred are remembered.

Title: Mission History – Christmas
Box: K
File: 4
Topic: Christmas Memories at Carrington
Interviewer: Suzanne Mathieson, Diana Muntigl
Interviee(s): Cathie Marcellus, Perry Cleven, Isobel Loyst, John Hom, M. Findley, M. Shayse, Mildred Vollick,
Date: December 8, 2008
Scope: 1 audio tape
Length: N/A
Summary: Various participants at Carrington House share their personal Christmas memories and traditions. Topics include: food, gifts, events, days celebrated