This is a taped discussion that was filmed and broadcast as “Mission Centennial Show” on Rogers Channel 4 on March 19, 1992 — 100 years after the era that is being described. Domestic life in the late 19th century is introduced through household artifacts; photographs of homes and interiors from the late 1800’s are discussed

Title: Mission History – At Home in 1892
Box: G
File: 8
Topic: Mission 1892: a Peek into an Average Home
Interviewer: N/A
Interviee(s): N/A
Date: March 11, 1992
Scope: 1 audio tape
Length: approx. 70 min.
Summary: A discussion about Mission in 1892. The presentation was filmed and broadcast on Rogers channel  4 March 19, 1992 as “Mission Centennial Show”. Artifacts and pictures from 100 years ago are viewed and discussed.