A number of Mission residents, and members of the Mission Marlins Swim Club, remember the founding of the club, and the need for a swim club in Mission at the time. They recall the kinds of activities held at the swim club, how fundraising was approached, the kind of equipment, facilities and maintenance that was necessary, and the personnel involved with the club.

Title: Clubs & Groups
Box: B
File: 2
Topic: The Mission Marlins Swim Club
Interviewer: N/A
Interviee(s): Harry Guest, Gwen Ellenback, G. McColl, Libby Marallus, Lorie Clingwall, Patti Evans, A. Evans, Ann Mohs
Date: November 20, 2001
Scope: 2 audio tapes; 2 unedited CDs
Length: approx. 84 min.
Summary: Various swim club members remember the Mission Marlins Swim Club