In 1998, Lifetime Learning created a valuable addition to the historical record of the Mission community. To mark the 50th anniversary of the disastrous Fraser Valley Flood of May 27th 1948, a commemorative documentary was created by many Lifetime Learning volunteers, Mission community members, municipal and provincial partners and Knowledge Network.

This was a truly local effort, as talented members of Lifetime Learning and Mission volunteers contributed their expertise at scriptwriting, production, direction, research, technical production, and narration. The film that they produced Is called “A Flood of Memories”. This is a video that uses archival footage and historical photographs, bringing us to the actual locations where half a century before, water had inundated the landscape.

Most important, this visual document is a work of Oral History that invites five women of Mission who lived through the flood to share their memories with us. From their perspective, we re-live the fear and anxiety that they felt, the sense of danger and dislocation, as well as the extraordinary community spirit exhibited by the people of Mission — the men who worked around the clock to keep the dykes intact, and the women who organized field kitchens for neighbours and friends.


To Celebrate Mission’s 125th Anniversary the Knowledge Network has provided access to the 50th Anniversary Flood of Memories video.

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