By Michelle Watrin

Last Wednesday students from the newly opened Fraserview Learning Centre in the Mission School District joined the Lifetime Learning Centre Society for a Remembrance Day tea. The school houses 53 students from grades 7-11 who chose a smaller, more personalized approach to learning where they can receive counseling and guidance from teachers and youth care workers.

The Lifetime Learners were touched by the paintings, poems and open letters to military personnel the students shared with them. “We want to thank you for all the sacrifices you make for us to live in a peaceful country,” Fraserview student CeCe Hickson read to the group from her letter to the soldiers.

The students sang some old favorite songs of Canadian soldiers led by the Lifetime Learners. “It was good for our students to spend time with this group,” Fraserview teacher Tianay deAndrade said. “They have a lot of knowledge to share with all of us.”

Sharing the same building (the former Fraserview Elementary) the two groups hope to intermix again in the future. “We try to do as many intra-generational activities as we can,” Lifetime Learner Executive Director Diana Muntigl explained. “It was good to have a Remembrance Day program that was interactive for the two groups.”

Society member Karin Edberg-Lee inspired the group from her research on the first Canadian women in the air force. “These women had a hard time making it as a pilot as they were not given many chances to prove themselves,” she shared. “I think we all need to follow their direction to dream big and keep going until we reach our dream.”

Photo:  Karin Edberg-Lee from the Lifetime Learning Centre shares her knowledge about the first Canadian women in the air force with Fraserview Learning Centre students at a Remembrance Day Tea last Wednesday.