July-August 2016

Our trusty senior volunteers maintained the garden over the hot summer, by watering when they came in for regular exercise class. Many thanks to them for keeping the plants growing! Unfortunately we experienced more vandalism, with damage to the tomato plants and cages, smashed pumpkins, and plants torn out. Because there was also damage to the school, a police file has been made. Undeterred, the beans have improvised and are growing up the tomato cage! The strawberry plants in the pallet garden have returned from the dead. Next, the fall weather will help up ripen the crops.


susan-wateringSusan watering.                                            fall-veggarden Back Garden in abundance.


bean-on-tomatocageImprovisation: Bean using the tomato cage. surviving-strawberry-plantStrawberry in Pallet Planter.


September 2016

The garden is in full glory: the front entrance garden welcomes back the students, seniors, and staff. The back garden sports sunflowers towering over everything. The plants have quickly filled in the damaged gaps. Beans, carrots and cucumbers are served fresh. Flowers are picked for reception vases. The beets were cooked up and featured at the Open House.

We had a successful Seed Saving Demo as part of Culture Days, where the ins and outs of saving our heirloom seeds was demonstrated by Marilyn Johnston of Edge of Suburbia. We thank her for sharing her expertise with us.


frontfallFront garden in full bloom.                     beetBeets in their prime.


October 2016

The Sweet Alyssum which was planted last spring as tiny 1” plugs are now billowing pillows wafting a heavy sweet scent, still full of pollinators. We should collect some of their tiny beige seeds for next year, as they will die off with the frost. The cucumbers are spilling over the galvanized stock tank, undetected, suddenly we had 9 large juicy (and not bitter…) cucumbers! Our senior mentor and students did a major overhaul in the front of the building, cleaning up under the Pieris shrubs. She oversaw the harvesting of tiny pansy seedlings from the front bed (they looked like little weeds, if you didn’t know what you were looking for) and the students transplanted them into the renovated bed. This has saved us several dollars in the cost of bedding plants. The annuals and dahlias are still showing plenty of blooms.




alyssumPillows of Sweet Alyssum.                      fallcleanupPieris beds being renovated.


stardahliaA unique Dahlia (anyone know the name of this variety?).   cosmosPretty Cosmos.