springcleanSusan & Lexi (front LLC) and FLC students clean up the front bed this spring

Great News! We’ve received a grant from the Mission Community Foundation! These funds will go towards making our garden more accessible for those who have a difficult time bending down to ground level. This means RAISED BEDS! Which of course means we need more soil, and all the ancillary items: hardware, tools, soil ammendments, and bedding plants.

More great news! We have received a wooden planter from Communities in Bloom. Bert Pulles and Bill Elliot, from CiB arrived with the pre-fabricated bed. We would like to thank:

  • Mission District for the lumber
  • A Local Mill for the milling
  • Riverside College for the precision cutting and installing brackets
  • Rona for the stain, brush, brackets & screws
  • Communities in Bloom for the orchestration and delivery
  • Davies Sand & Gravel for the free delivery

FLC students and LLC mentors went straight to work staining and assembling (any chance to use power tools!- thanks to Mr. Phillips for the old fashioned type when our battery died). Then we lined the bed with landscaping fabric and filled ‘er up with a full yard.

May 2016


We are receiving lots of compliments on our Spring Flowers:

alliums (3)

Alliums in the front bed

irises  Irises & Daylilies in the LLC flower garden

The planter (back garden) is now ready for seeding and transplanting. It sits conveniently next to the outdoor bench, so you can now sit and sow.

The FLC students put in some muscle power to transport the soil from the pile into the planter and garden bed. The potatoes (volunteers from last year’s garden) responded well to the ‘top up’, our equivalent to ‘hilling up’ the plants to increase root (and consequently potato) production. The garden easily consumed a full yard of soil in replenishing it.


We’d like to thank SEEDING SQUARE (www.seedingsquare.com) for their donation of a handy dandy seeding template. It was easy to use and the FLC students quickly sowed: spinach, lettuce, beets, carrots, squash, greens and peas. A packet of nasturtium seeds have been tucked in around the perimeter as an edible flower which is a welcome COMPANION PLANT and attracts BENEFICIAL INSECTS.

Sticks have been poked in the ground for the peas to climb, a trellis will be built in the future.

Dalia tubers (donated by Susan) have been potted up in gallon pots, in anticipation for the Garden Expo, where we hope to raise some funds.strwb1


strwby2 (3)We built a nifty tower for the strawberry plants (donated by Susan & Lexi) which was reiforced by rebar down the centre. Unfortunately the tower was knocked down after a week (over the weekend) and we have decided to plant straigth into the bed. Dealing with vandalism is something we face, especially being in the back school yard. Undeterred we continue, finding solutions to engage those who may be inclined to be destructive rather than constructive. We welcome any input to improving this situation.

So far it has been unseasonally dry for May, and we have had to water the garden frequently.

A late spring clean up was done in the front garden, clipping spent ornamental cabbage (it had gone to seed!), tulips, alliums and weeds. The pansies and alyssums are filling in nicely. We transplanted 2 lovely hostas, donated by Diana.

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