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Healthy Relationships

With Jason Wong Relationships are an important part of leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Some bring out the best in the individual and others leave you with a mixture of negative emotions. All of us want to experience stronger relationships and a more balanced life with less conflict.   This workshop will examine the [...]

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Healthy Coping for Unhealthy Behaviors

With Jason Wong Habits are a critical to both creating and sustaining health. Approximately 45% of daily life consists of key lifestyle behaviours and habits that drive health.   In order to cope, we sometimes use unhealthy behaviours to manage stress and anxiety. This workshop will examine: Do we have behaviours that we deem unhealthy? [...]

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Travel to Kenya

With Brian Antonson The snow-capped peak of mighty Mt Kenya, the Masai Mara's golden, grassy plains, the pink blush of Lake Nakuru and the annual migration of millions of wildebeest are but some of the delights waiting for you in Kenya. Join Brian as he shares experience visiting the many wonderful locations  and animal life [...]

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Quilts the Story They Tell

With Sharon Syrette & Karin Edberg -Lee Quilting has attracted generations of people to express themselves in fabrics and decorative stitches. From practical crazy quilts using scraps to artistic wall hangings, quilts have told the stories of families and countries. Many were brought to the new world by early settlers. Bring your favorite quilted piece [...]

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Baha’i Bicentenary: A Global Perspective

With Harold Rosen What was the most significant transition for humanity in the 19th century?  Baha'is believe that future historians, in response to this question, will point to the emergence of the Baha'i Faith.  This new religion aims toward an ever-advancing global civilization, with peace, justice and prosperity for all people.  October 2019 marks the [...]

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Cruising Through Retirement

With Jean Webster Learn how to affordably see the world in comfort and style on a cruise. Master Cruiser Jean Webster will share her secrets on where and when to find the best prices, and tips about choosing the best cruise line for you based on her years of experience. Jean and her husband, John, [...]

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Travel to Ireland

With Brian Antonson A small island with a memorable punch, Ireland's breathtaking landscapes and friendly, welcoming people leave visitors wanting to return. History is everywhere, from the breathtaking monuments of prehistoric Ireland at Brú na Bóinne, Slea Head in Kerry and Carrowmore in Sligo, to the fabulous ruins of Ireland's rich monastic past at Glendalough. [...]

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Script Writing: War Brides

With Natasha Purnell This course will look at the different techniques and devices used by playwrites and provide the oppourtunity to write a 10 minute collaborative script, to be presented at the Remembrance Day Tea on November 6, 2019.     Date: Octobers 3, 2019 Day: Thursday Time: 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Sessions: 4 [...]

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Dramatic Readings

Facilitated by Carolyn Armistead and Natasha Purnell Come enhance your life with a bit of performative reading. We will be performing an original Remembrance Day work this semester, written by our script writing class, as well as an adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’. Each work will have two rehearsals prior to the performance at the [...]

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With Harold Rosen Let’s explore the process of aging from several perspectives. We experience a sequence of psycho-social developments during our lifespans, including relational, vocational and aspirational challenges. We encounter an intensifying series of care-needs and support-agencies as we grow older. And a distinct set of philosophical and spiritual questions emerges for us, including the [...]

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