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On-Line Course: How Can We All Get Along? Religious, Spiritual & Secular Belief-Groups

    With Harold Rosen Today’s diversity of outlooks and worldviews poses significant challenges and opportunities.  In both our local and global contexts we find a stunning variety of belief-groups – identifiable as Religious, Spiritual, Secular or a combination of these.  How can we understand this diversity in realistic, hopeful and practically cooperative ways?  Can [...]

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Fashion of the Ages

      With Karen Edberg-Lee Session # 1 - The history of women and trousers - the long and short of it.  (both history and hemlines. Session # 2 - Coco Chanel:  her impact Session # 3 - The little black Dress : "Now and Then  - returning  trends"  See the  old and new [...]

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Travel on the Aurora Explorer

With Elspeth Bowers This is a working boat that carries freight to small camps and communities up along the rugged mostly uninhabited coastline of the Inside Passage. For More Information on Aurora Explore Click Here   Date: February 5, 2020 Day: Wednesday Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Sessions: 1 Fee:  $7 Member $10 Non-Member Location: 32444 7th [...]

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Spanish Conversation (Intermediate)

With Violeta Estela Lucero Schwartz Spanish for Intermediates offers the opportunity to learn the language in a very interactive environment. Immediately, in a safe and enjoyable way, you engage in everyday conversations with your classmates. Add to your eight practical lessons learned in beginning Spanish.       Date: April 7, 2020 Sessions: 8 Day: [...]

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Bus Tours Winter Spring 2020

The Red Violin – Classical Coffee Concerts at the ATC Date: January 30, 2020 Day: Thursday Time: 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Fee: Member $47 Non-Member $52 Includes Concert Ticket and coffee and tea prior to concert For More Details or to Register Click Here Brunch at Rowena’s Inn on the River, Harrison Mills Date: [...]

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      With Jason Wong This workshop will explore: Five aspects of living which may show positive growth following major life challenges (e.g. retirement, bereavement, divorce, acute or chronic illness, financial hardship, abuse, a major injury, etc.).   Principles of healing, recovery and growth. Dealing with our guilt. Some elements of mindfulness, self-compassion and [...]

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The Healthier Living Workshop Series – HAPPINESS BY DESIGN

    With Jason Wong Happiness is a state of mind that must be chosen and reinforced with action, often on a daily basis. It becomes important to increase the amount of positive experiences, engagement, meaning, and opportunities we have in our lives. This workshop will explore: Happiness as an abstract concept? Or something more? [...]

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Healthier Living Workshop Series

    With Jason Wong   A Series of four workshops designed to assist individuals build balance and growth into their lives. Click on course for more details. Grief and Loss Happiness by Design Planning for Spring Clean-Up Personal Growth Arising from Life's Challenges Date: February 7, March 6, April 3, & May 1 Day: [...]

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