Tupper, Hanna (1849-1942)

Originally from Hull, England Hanna came to Canada at the age of three. She lived in Greenville, Ontario until the age of 35, then moved to Vancouver with five children and her husband, James Henry Tupper. James worked as a blacksmith with the C.P.R. In Vancouver the Tuppers lived on Seymour Street, where James eventually [...]

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Rose, Mark Casmir (1905-1979)

Mark Rose was born in Prince Edward Island, and moved to British Columbia with his family at the age of nine. He lived in Mission until 1959 and then moved to Hatzic with his wife Mildred and two sons. Rose was a member of the Mission District Council for nine years, served as councilor and [...]

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McCallum, Clarence Wilson (1893-1956)

Clarence McCallum was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., and came to Abbotsford with his family when he was a teenager. At 16 he began working for Allison’s Hardware in Abbotsford, and when Allison’s moved to Mission, McCallum stayed on, settling on Third Street. In 1930 he went into business for himself, opening his own hardware [...]

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Slack, Mary Ann (1848-1931)

In 1898, Mary Ann Slack, together with her husband and seven children, arrived in the Mission district and settled on a homestead in Hatzic. Three years later, Mr. Slack died, leaving Mary Ann to raise her children on her own, a task to which she devoted herself for the next 30 years. She was recognized [...]

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Solloway, Lucetta Jeanette (1865-1929)

Lucetta Jeanette Seaver was born in Nelson, New Hampshire, U.S., in 1865. When she was 28 she arrived at the site that would be Mission City with her only child, a daughter, and her husband, H. B. French. French and his business partners planned the townsite of the future settlement and also encouraged and were [...]

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Lampard, J.A. (1862-1930)

J.A. Lampard was born in Farley, England, in 1862. He and his wife raised three sons and three daughters, and at the age of forty, Lampard emigrated with his family to Canada. The Lampards lived in Montreal for eight years, then moved to Mission when Lampard was offered a position with the C.P.R. in 1910. [...]

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Cosens, Elsie May (1910-1930)

Elsie May Yeoman was the only daughter of Thomas Yeoman and his wife. The Yeomans also had seven sons. Elsie was born in Deroche, in the Mission district, in 1910, and married Neil Cosens shortly before her death at the age of 20. M. UNGAR Source: Fraser Valley Record, November 27, 1930 Do you have [...]

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Cade, John B. (1847-1930)

John Cade was a high-regarded Missionite, who served a number of terms as Reeve, and also as school trustee. He came to Mission from Addington County, Ontario in 1890, leaving behind his two brothers and four sisters. Together with his wife, John raised four sons and had a large extended family at the time of [...]

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Plumridge, James (1861-1949)

The son of a shoemaker, James Plumridge was born in the village of Lane End, Buckinghamshire, England, in 1861. He attended school for just a few years and soon entered the working world. At 21, James decided to emigrate to Canada, and planned to become a farmer in Manitoba, but his plans changed after he [...]

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Adair, Lorna Jean (1931-2011)

Lorna Jean Fearn was born in North Battleford, Saskatchewan; her father had immigrated from Scotland, and she had one sister. At the age of eight she moved with her parents to Vancouver, where she helped out in her father’s grocery store on Main Street. She attended Sir John Oliver High School, then nursing school at St. [...]

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