Mission History – Quilts

A number of Mission residents discuss the history and design of quilts. Libby Maralles provides an introduction and conclusion. Ruth Cookman talks about small squares and tells the story of Maricinne Quilts of the late 1950’s and 1960’s; Mildred Vollick discusses Quiet Lover, Crib quilts and homespun fabrics; Kim Allen addresses Museum Quilts, Joan Fishleigh discusses [...]

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Mission History – Domestic Life

A number of Mission's female residents discuss how electricity made a difference in their domestic lives. The women remember what it was like to grow up in a homewithout electricity and later to run a household without the benefit of electricity. They also talk about the local electric company, Sandwell Electricity, and the widespread availability of hydro [...]

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Mission History – Music Festivals

Muriel Windebank remembers Music Festivals in Mission. She describes her involvement in the festivals, theior importance to the community, and where the festivals were held. She recounts how they were judged, how they served to focus community efforts, and when they came to an end. On a personal level, she talks about her own career and [...]

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Mission History – At Home in 1892

This is a taped discussion that was filmed and broadcast as "Mission Centennial Show" on Rogers Channel 4 on March 19, 1992 -- 100 years after the era that is being described. Domestic life in the late 19th century is introduced through household artifacts; photographs of homes and interiors from the late 1800's are discussed Title: Mission History [...]

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Mission History – Women

Participants compare and contrast the challenges faced by community activists, business women and nurses of yesterday and today. Topics include: hospital hierarchy, nurses who speak out, differences in income and managerial opportunities, differences in training and education, differences in responsibility, attitude toward women in the workplace, attitude toward women and financial management and obtaining loans, [...]

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Mission Schools – Continuing Education

Catherine "Cathie" Marcellus is interviewed on her thoughts regarding the issue of women and education in Mission. She reflects on the founding of a women's educational institute, and her role as the presidentof such an institute. The founding of Fraser Valley College is also discussed, as well as Brian Appleby's membership on the Board of [...]

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