Mission History – The Sikh Community

Ken and Tok Herar discuss their family's immigration to Canada. They explain the factors that led to the decision to leave India, how they arranged to immigrate to Canada, the reasons for their desire to come to Canada and why they chose to settle in Mission in particular. They discuss the history of the growth [...]

Mission History – Cultural Groups

A number of Mission residents who immigrated to Canada, or who are descendants of immigrants, discuss immigration. They recount which members of their families decided to come to Canada, the reasons why they did so, and when their families arrived in Canada. The also explain why they were attracted to, and wanted to settle in Mission. The conversation [...]

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Mission History – Music Festivals

Muriel Windebank remembers Music Festivals in Mission. She describes her involvement in the festivals, theior importance to the community, and where the festivals were held. She recounts how they were judged, how they served to focus community efforts, and when they came to an end. On a personal level, she talks about her own career and [...]

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Mission History – Coastal Logging

Vern Walburn remembers the forestry business in British Columbia in the years of the 1950's and 1960's. He worked for the Milsteam Logging Company and received his forestry engineering degree from University of British Columbia in 1948. He talks about the general forestry industry in British Columbia, the development of the timber industry, its history, and future markets. [...]

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Mission History – Twentieth Century Mission

Marion Sharpe discusses her life in Mission. She talks about where she was born, her parents' and grandparents' lives and livelihoods, and when she came to Mission. She recalls her marriage and domestic life, the effect of World War II on her family, and the 1948 flood. Other topics discussed are travel, the Mission Library, [...]

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Mission History – Remembrances by Anna Marie Ellerbeck

Ellerbeck recalls what it was like to grow up in Mission in the early decades of the 20th century. She talks about her choice of a career in ballet, and the opportunities for dance instruction in Mission. Teachers and students students from these days are remembered, as well as schedules and how well dance students were served in Mission. She descrives costumes, [...]

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Mission History – The Queen’s Jubilee, 2002

British historian Jack Gaston from University College of the Fraser Valley visits Lifetime Learning to facilitate a conversation about the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002. Cathie Marcellus gives an introduction of Jack Gaston, his area of research and publications. Claire Clemo remembers her efforts and success at meeting the Queen when she visited Vancouver. Title: Mission History [...]

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Mission History – Charles McPherson

Charles "Charlie" McPherson recounts his early life and his move to Mission. He talks about his career as a teacher and then Vice Principal in public school, as well as his experiences as a coach for boys' and girls' basketball. McPherson also remembers the circumstances of his retirement, municipal politics in Mission, and his many contributions to Lifetime Learning [...]

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Mission History – Silverdale Memories

Jim Pearce remembers the decades of the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's in Silverdale, now a suburb of Mission. He discusses the various commercial enterprises that grew up in the community, the social and service groups, and the people who came to settle in the area. He describes some of the changes that took place, as [...]

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