Mission History – Places and Spaces

Two Mission residents discuss heritage places and spaces. They reflect on how festivals, the Fall Fair and other special events that people experienced in the past can be remembered. they also consider the integration of local heritage in the present so may be memories are preserved. They talk about a possible Heritage Contingency Plan. Title: [...]

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Mission History – Seniors

A Lifetime Learning panel discussion and healthcare workshop with three Mission residents who discuss seniors’ issues and concerns. They raise issues such as healthcare, community housing, assisted living, and supportive housing. Other issues addressed are pharmacare, tax credits for volunteers, the extended care unit at the Mission Hospital, as well as community services and volunteers. Funding [...]

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Mission History – Mission Memorial Hospital

A Lifetime Learning event to commemorate the Mission Hospital and its 40th anniversary. Suzanne Vermeer introduces the event. Participants discuss the beginning of the hospital and people involved. Dr. Jim Marcellus talks about the old hospital and the new hospital, doctors at the hospital, nurses, auxiliary, community involvement, differences between the old and new hospital; Cathie [...]

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Mission History – Politics

A discussion moderated by Ian Walters, tracing the political history of Mission in the 1970’s. The community, reacting in part to political pressures from both federal and provincial governments, became exceedingly proactive. Topics include: community involvement in amalgamation, recreation, the Arts Council, bridge building, the old hospital, the School Board and the development of the [...]

Mission Schools – Adult Education

Bill Harris had a long career in Mission's municipal politics, serving as alderman, councillor as well as Mayor from 1973-1979. He recounts the discussions and issues leading up to the construction of a new Municipal Hall for Mission, the many initiatives and accomplishments of his Council, and his involvement with the Fraser Valley College Board. Harris also reflects [...]

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