Mission History – Places and Spaces

Two Mission residents discuss heritage places and spaces. They reflect on how festivals, the Fall Fair and other special events that people experienced in the past can be remembered. they also consider the integration of local heritage in the present so may be memories are preserved. They talk about a possible Heritage Contingency Plan. Title: [...]

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Mission History – The Sikh Community

Ken and Tok Herar discuss their family's immigration to Canada. They explain the factors that led to the decision to leave India, how they arranged to immigrate to Canada, the reasons for their desire to come to Canada and why they chose to settle in Mission in particular. They discuss the history of the growth [...]

Mission History – Islam

Two presenters discuss Islamic tradition and religion with an audience as part of a Lifetime Learning program. They describe the origins of Islamic beliefs, sacred texts, important individuals in the history of Islam, and the historical geography of the Islamic religion. They recount the main tenets of Islam, important festivals and Holy Days, as well as customs. [...]

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Mission History – Theatre

Catherine Marcellus remembers the early days of Art Theatre in Mission. She recounts the history of the theatre, and describes some of the plays that were performed. She also discusses some of the dificulties associated with resistance from the local Methodist Church as well as the local Anglican Church. She recalls the creation of local drama [...]

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Mission History – Choral Festivals

Roger Harris discusses Mission's Music Festivals in the 1940’s and the 1950’s, and the choral presentations in particular. He describes the preparation of school choirs, which grades were involved, the songs that were performed, transportation of choir members to the performance hall, and the necessity to obtain parents' permissions. He remembers the audiences at the festivals, recognition given to the [...]

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Mission History – Music in Mission

Betty Dandy talks about the Mission Music Festivals held during the 1940’s and the 1950’s. She describes her daughters’ participation and how they learned learning to play instruments, as well as her husband's role as a volunteer at the festivals. She recounts the beginnings of the Music Festival, where the Festivals were held, the community members involved in [...]

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Mission History – Music Festivals

Muriel Windebank remembers Music Festivals in Mission. She describes her involvement in the festivals, theior importance to the community, and where the festivals were held. She recounts how they were judged, how they served to focus community efforts, and when they came to an end. On a personal level, she talks about her own career and [...]

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Mission Schools – Elementary

Mission community members engage in a panel discussion about education in Mission. They describe experiences in elementary schools, and how each person's memories bring a diversity of perspective to the topic. They recount what would have been a typical school day, the role their parents played, and the interactions between parents, teachers and students. The differences between [...]

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Mission Schools – Adult Education and Lifetime Learning

Members of Lifetime Learning Centre Society engage in a discussion of the relationship between Lifetime Learning and University College of the Fraser, as well as the role and mandate of Lifetime Learning in the community. Topics covered include the extent of Lifetime Learning's collaboration with the University College of the Fraser Valley, Lifetime Learning's finances, and the [...]

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Mission Schools – Continuing Education

Catherine "Cathie" Marcellus is interviewed on her thoughts regarding the issue of women and education in Mission. She reflects on the founding of a women's educational institute, and her role as the presidentof such an institute. The founding of Fraser Valley College is also discussed, as well as Brian Appleby's membership on the Board of [...]

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