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A Flood of Memories

In 1998, Lifetime Learning created a valuable addition to the historical record of the Mission community. To mark the 50th anniversary of the disastrous Fraser Valley Flood of May 27th 1948, a commemorative documentary was created by many Lifetime Learning volunteers, Mission community members, municipal and provincial partners and Knowledge Network. This was a truly [...]

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Mission History – Places and Spaces

Two Mission residents discuss heritage places and spaces. They reflect on how festivals, the Fall Fair and other special events that people experienced in the past can be remembered. they also consider the integration of local heritage in the present so may be memories are preserved. They talk about a possible Heritage Contingency Plan. Title: [...]

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Mission History – The Flood of ’48

A number of Mission residents gather at Carrington House to remember the 1948 Flood in Mission. They describe neighbourhoods that were flooded, how the community came to the aid of families in need, and the necessity of evacuation for some families. They recount what they saw and heard, and how this affected them, as well [...]

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Mission History – Christmas

A number of Mission residents meet at Carrington House to share their personal Christmas memories and traditions. They discuss the kinds of foods and dishes that were prepared, the preparation of various holiday treats and the kinds of gifts they received and bought or made for giving. Specific events associated with Christmas are described, and specific [...]

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Mission History – River Industry

At this roundtable discussion, members of the community share memories, experiences and knowledge of the Mission River Industry from the 19th century to present day. The members discuss the river industry from the late 1800’s to the 1920’s, through the 1930’s to the flood of 1948, 1948 to the 1970’s, and the 1980’s to the [...]

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Mission History – The Fraser River

A participatory session that explores the industries and activities that were predominant on Mission’s waterfront in the early years. Various members share their stories. Martin Dorner discusses the “Lifeblood of the Economy”, David Horne discusses Silverdale and the cut ice on the river, Manzer’s sawdust, Hanna G. was an artist, Joanne Rob discusses the Fraser [...]

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Mission History – Seniors

A Lifetime Learning panel discussion and healthcare workshop with three Mission residents who discuss seniors’ issues and concerns. They raise issues such as healthcare, community housing, assisted living, and supportive housing. Other issues addressed are pharmacare, tax credits for volunteers, the extended care unit at the Mission Hospital, as well as community services and volunteers. Funding [...]

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Mission History – Mission Memorial Hospital

A Lifetime Learning event to commemorate the Mission Hospital and its 40th anniversary. Suzanne Vermeer introduces the event. Participants discuss the beginning of the hospital and people involved. Dr. Jim Marcellus talks about the old hospital and the new hospital, doctors at the hospital, nurses, auxiliary, community involvement, differences between the old and new hospital; Cathie [...]

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Mission History – Quilts

A number of Mission residents discuss the history and design of quilts. Libby Maralles provides an introduction and conclusion. Ruth Cookman talks about small squares and tells the story of Maricinne Quilts of the late 1950’s and 1960’s; Mildred Vollick discusses Quiet Lover, Crib quilts and homespun fabrics; Kim Allen addresses Museum Quilts, Joan Fishleigh discusses [...]

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