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World Scriptures/ Ancient Texts

With Harold Rosen   Join us for a comparative, synoptic and appreciative group study of eight scriptural traditions, investigating five significant historic themes: God or Ultimate Reality... the Founder's Station...  Universality or Justice Principles... Racial & Gender Relations... and Humanity's Future & Destiny. Handouts with several evocative scriptural passages on each of the five themes will be [...]

Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu

Slide Show Presentation With Judith Ray   Judith will share travel experiences in December 2019 to Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu.  She will provide some history and cultural information about the countries as well as photos.  A special highlight was returning to PNG where she worked 40 years ago teaching and administrating nursing [...]

BC Culture Days 2020

Lifetime Learning is pleased to participate in Mission's BC Culture Days 2020 A MESSAGE FROM THE BC CULTURE DAYS ORGANIZERS Culture Days 2020 For those of you who are new, Culture Days is a free, nation-wide event that promotes arts and culture within our respective communities. Every year the District of Mission, via the Cultural Resources [...]

Whispered Voices: memories of the Chinese Community in Mission

OFFERED AS PART OF BC CULTURE DAYS   Zoom   presentation with slides,  discussion, sharing memories.   Thousands of Chinese people had come to the west coast to work on the railroad, or prospect for gold.  By the late 1880’s, most small towns in BC had a ‘China town, with cafés, businesses, rooming houses, and yes …opium [...]

The Spirit of Community – Building Silverdale Hall

OFFERED AS PART OF BC CULTURE DAYS Zoom   slide presentation, with follow-up discussion, questions; At one time, the area surrounding Mission was a series of neighbourhoods, each with a distinct personality.  Enjoy a series of slides and memories of the early settlers who got together to build a school, church, and community hall in Silverdale.  [...]

The Writing Room at Lifetime Learning Centre

OFFERED AS PART OF BC CULTURE DAYS Zoom presentation, with follow-up discussion, questions; Meet us via Zoom to discuss the benefits and challenges of being part of an on-going writers' group and how we have adapted to the Zoom environment. Writer's will share some of their experience, read samples of what they have written, answer [...]

On-Line Course: How Can We All Get Along? Religious, Spiritual & Secular Belief-Groups

    With Harold Rosen Today’s diversity of outlooks and worldviews poses significant challenges and opportunities.  In both our local and global contexts we find a stunning variety of belief-groups – identifiable as Religious, Spiritual, Secular or a combination of these.  How can we understand this diversity in realistic, hopeful and practically cooperative ways?  Can [...]

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Temporary Closure of Lifetime Learning Centre During Current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Friday July 24, 2019 Update We are awaiting direction from the School District on the reopening of the schools for community use. In response to the current Covid -19 Pandemic and in keeping with Provincial Health Guidance, the Board of Lifetime Learning has passed the following motion: As the user group of Lifetime Learning Centre [...]

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Fashion of the Ages

      With Karen Edberg-Lee Session # 1 - The history of women and trousers - the long and short of it.  (both history and hemlines. Session # 2 - Coco Chanel:  her impact Session # 3 - The little black Dress : "Now and Then  - returning  trends"  See the  old and new [...]

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