Code of Conduct Lifetime Learning Program Participants, Members, Staff and Board

Lifetime Learning is a caring learning community which respects the right of each individual program participant, Lifetime Learning Centre Society (LLCS) Member, and staff and Board Member, to have a safe, enjoyable and successful learning experience. As Members of the extended Fraserview Learning Centre (FLC) and Summit Learning Centre (SLC) community, we are all required to respect the code of conduct which is outlined below:

  • Show consideration and respect for others and for Lifetime Learning Centre (LLCS), Fraserview Learning Centre (FLC) and Summit Learning Centre (SLC) environment.
  • Treat everyone fairly and with respect and abide by expectations for diversity and equity.
  • Communicate to all program participants, LLCS Members, staff, instructors, visitors and Members of the local community with respect; and behave at all times in an appropriate and courteous manner.
  • To not transmit any communications or images which may cause distress or threaten anyone’s feelings of emotional or physical safety.
  • Seek approval before broadcasting or publishing information about LLCS, FLC and SLC, program participants, staff or students.
  • When using social media: behave in a courteous and honest way, respecting the privacy and the feelings of others at all times, as well as avoiding the use of names, contact details or images of other students or Members of staff without their prior permission. Remember that if you break the law on social media (for example by posting something defamatory), you will be personally responsible.
  • Avoid any behaviour which would cause a distraction to others or disrupt the teaching and learning taking place.
  • Help to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for all.
  • Stay in the designated area of The Lifetime Learning Centre to avoid disrupting other students.
  • Always sign in when visiting the LLCS or attending one of the offered courses.
  • Behave at all times in accordance with School District #75’s health and safety policy.
  • Promote the good reputation of LLCS, FLC and SLC.

Approved by the Board of Directors November 16th, 2017

Lifetime Learning Centre Society, Mission, BC