• TD Bank Donation

Lifetime Learning Centre and Fraserview Learning Centre would like to thank the TD Bank for their financial support to  the Linking Hands through the Generations  Program.  Their kind donation of $5,000 will allow the program to continue on through 2015 and 2016.This initiative promotes engagement between seniors and youth.

2014 Support for Linking Hands through the Generations

Lifetime Learning Centre Society is pleased to announce the Government of Canada New Horizons for Seniors Program funding for the Linking Hands through the Generations project, an initiative for seniors, youth and mutual mentorships.  This interactive, intergenerational community project includes the School District of Mission and both the Fraserview Learning Centre and Riverside College students, along with community partners.The Society is most grateful for this funding. 

As the recipients of the Government of Canada’s New Horizon’s for Seniors Program: “Linking Hands through the Generations” project is designed to engage youth and seniors in intergenerational mentoring and to promote connections between these two communities of learners. Key components of this project are technology, literacy, community-building and changing lives through education.

This initiative:

  • Promotes volunteerism among seniors and youth;
  • Engages seniors in the community through the mentoring of others;
  • Supports social participation from our diverse populations;
  • Supports literacy, health, and community building;
  • Bridges the gap and builds ties between youth and seniors; and
  • Assists youths/students to develop life and workplace skills while promoting  the acquisition of technology-related life skills for senior.

To view our project video click on  Linking Hands

If you would like to work on this project as a volunteer, or would like to donate time or funding, please contact our Centre or Executive Director for further information.


Over the last year members of Lifetime Learning Centre Society, students and teachers from both Fraserview Learning Centre and Riverside College have participated in the LinkingHands through the Generations project. This project is a Lifetime Learning Centre program that is designed to engage youth and seniors in intergenerational mentoring and to promote connections between these two communities of learners.

lifetime Learning

Knitting Class

The project saw seniors and students coming together to share and learn new skills. In one series of courses seniors brought tablets, computers, and phones to class and students provided hands on technical skills on how to use and get the most out of their devices. The next week students joined the “Warm Fuzzies Knitting Group” and learned from seniors how to create items such as scarfs and hats. At the end of the knitting series everyone was proudly displaying their creations and one student was heard to say “Now when I get stressed I grab my knitting.”

In “I have a Story to Tell – Writers Group”, seniors and students with the assistance of an experienced writing guide began writing down their life experiences and memories. Final stories were displayed and discussed at the 8th Annual Writers & Readers Festival in March. As the saying goes you need to keep active and fit as well and students and seniors had the opportunity to participate together in yoga classes and in the annual Walkathon and Health Fair.

I have a Story to Tell

There was also time to share in community events: At the Remembrance Day Tea students shared their hopes of peace through their art and seniors shared their stories on living through periods of war. At Christmas the students prepared and served a Christmas dinner along with entertainment by both groups. In the “Heritage Week Fashion Show – Main Street”, everyone worked to demonstrate and celebrate 60 years of fashion trends.

As the recipients of the Government of Canada’s New Horizon’s for Seniors Program: “Linking Hands through the Generations”  Lifetime Learning Centre Society is grateful to the Government of Canada for their finacial support and to our members, instuctors, staff,  students, and partners at School District #75 who with their energy and willingness to share their experiences, skills and wisdom made the project a rewarding experience for everyone.

Other Events
  • Easter: Dying & Dyeing
  • Afternoon Tea Celebrating Senior’s Week
  • Annual Writers’ and readers Festival
  • I have a Story to Tell – Not Just a Writers Group with Sharon Syrette
  • Fraser River Safari Cruise
  • Mani-Pedi at Riverside College: School of Esthetics
  • Travel: Abbotsford Gogos in Africa
  • Warm Fuzzies Knitting Group
  • Christmas Tea Party & Carol Sing Along
  • Christmas Tree Decorating
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Save those Pictures: Bring in That Shoebox!
  • Heritage Week Fashion Show: Our Cultural History in Fashion
  • Iceland, Sweden & Estonia
  • Chair YOGA
  • WALKATHON Fundraiser & Health Fair

We gratefully acknowledge the Government of Canada New Horizon’s Seniors Program for the funding of this project.

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