Read Aloud

  With Carolyn Armistead & Jennifer Bertram-Ellis In this group we will read aloud poems, excerpts from plays and stories. If you think you would enjoy sharing beautiful language, intriguing ideas, and comical thoughts found in a variety of literary forms – come join us. Suitable readings will be provided for the first two sessions. [...]

Music History

With Keith Gray   Review the various twists and turns music has taken through the ages with Keith Gray. From Classical masterpieces to Jazz and film scores, you will explore the importance of music in our lives and history.   Date: January 10, 2019 Sessions: 4 Day: Thursday Time: 11:30 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. Fee: Member [...]


With Jason Wong Do we worry too much, do we have a friend, child, or relative who worries too much and needs lots of reassurance? This workshop will explore the ways we can cope or help others to cope with these challenges.     Workshop content includes Identify worry Recognise and categorise our worry Building [...]

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With Jason Wong The benefits of a good night’s sleep are well known - Improved health, better concentration and memory, more energy, and faster metabolism. This workshop is for anyone who struggles to sleep, maintain sleep, wake up too early or does not sleep.       In this workshop will learn: Nature and stages [...]

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True Colours

With Jason Wong True Colours a fun, informative, communication system that provides an understanding of human behavior and motivation. This interactive workshop introduces you to the True Colours concept and the personality spectrum.   In this workshop, you will explore: An understanding of how our ‘colour’ affects the way we interact with others, Our likes [...]

Communication Styles

With Jason Wong This workshop will explore the nature of communications, the four communications styles, identify your personal styles, and how this knowledge can be applied in interactions with others.       In this workshop, you will explore: Which style do we usually communicate in? Do we communicate differently with different people and in [...]

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Bus Tour: Golden Ears Cheesecrafters Tour and Lunch

With Valerie Sprott Started by two young sisters you will have the opportunity to watch and learn how their cheese is being made. And to taste a few samples. Emma & Jenna have created award winning artisan cheese from their uncles Jersey herd using farm fresh milk.     Date: June 25, 2019 Day: Tuesday [...]

Bus Tour: Inside Britannia Shipyards Tour

  With Valerie Sprott Britannia Shipyards is a National Historic Site. On this tour you will see an authentic representation of once thriving canneries, boat yards, residences and stores. Many of buildings date back to 1885 and tell the stories of a multi-ethnic society.   Date: May 24, 2019 Day: Tuesday Time: 9:00 a.m. to [...]

Romantic Britain

With Brian Antonson A travelogue based on the legendary stories we all know and love from Britain. Stories like…… King Arthur, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, and a few others   Date: May 15, 2019 Day: Wednesday Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Sessions: 1 Fee:  $7 Member $10 Non-Member Location: 32444 7th Ave. Mission V2V [...]

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The Age of Fascinators

With Margaret Blackburn During this program you will create a fascinator to take home as we talk about hats through the ages, wardrobe memories  and past fashion fads. What fun! All the tools needed are scissors. All materials are supplied, but please bring decorations and trims to make your fascinator truly unique. If you are unable [...]