Mission Schools – Adult Education

Bill Harris had a long career in Mission's municipal politics, serving as alderman, councillor as well as Mayor from 1973-1979. He recounts the discussions and issues leading up to the construction of a new Municipal Hall for Mission, the many initiatives and accomplishments of his Council, and his involvement with the Fraser Valley College Board. Harris also reflects [...]

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Remembering Mission Schools

Matsqui Superior, class sizes, Central School, Silverdale, Valentine`s Day, Christmas concerts, playground equipment, Mrs. Manger, school buses, Japanese students, Mrs. Barnett, Kindergarten, Mrs. Mantel, Pre-School, daycare, E.S.L., H.B. McLean and Vancouver Teacher Training Centre, Mr. Alexander, Lord’s prayer, anthem and roll call, team teaching and Principal’s relief Title: Mission Schools Box: C File: 2 Topic: [...]

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Mission Schools – Secondary School Conversations

Various members of the Mission community remember Central School before 1952, and Mission Secondary School after 1952. They talk about grades, their schoolmates, the school curriculum and the subjects they studied. The discussion also includes reflections on gender differences in school, how teaching was done and the ongoing issue of discipline. Teachers' salaries, and significant Principals and Vice-Principals also make up part of [...]

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